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About Busy Bee Pest Solutions

Busy Bee Pest Solutions was born from a story not unlike a sting – sharp, unexpected, and a call to action. Our journey began in 2019 when an ordinary day turned into a distressing lesson. My then 89-year-old father, a figure of strength and pride, faced a predicament that many unsuspecting homeowners fear. He was strong-armed into paying an exorbitant $19,000 for an emergency bee removal service, a guise under the claim of a misleading “$48 bee removal.”

As someone who’s fostered small service businesses throughout my life, I’ve held customer service as the holy grail of entrepreneurship. This incident wasn’t just an eye-opener—it was a personal affront to the values I’ve always cherished. It was a stark reminder that, in times of urgency, the vulnerability of trust can be exploited.

This wasn’t just about bees. It was about integrity, honesty, and the responsibility we hold towards each other in our community. So, together with Shaun, my partner, whose 15 years in the pest control industry had shown him the underbelly of deceptive practices, we vowed to make a change. We took an experience that could’ve embittered many and turned it into the catalyst for Busy Bee Pest Solutions—a company that’s built not just on the foundation of service but on the unshakeable bedrock of family, trust, and the promise to do right by you.

Our mission is simple: to provide pest control solutions that stand on the pillars of honesty and affordability, to say no to scare tactics and yes to genuine service. As a family-operated business, we see our clients not just as customers but as an extended family. That’s why, when you choose Busy Bee Pest Solutions, you’re not just getting a pest-free home—you’re becoming a part of a family that cares.

We are proud to wear our badge of a 5-star Google rated company, a testament to the unwavering dedication we have towards excellence and customer satisfaction. Each star is a story, a family, a home where peace of mind has been restored—because we believe that everyone deserves to live without the worry of pest intrusion.

Our approach to pest control is more than just our services—it’s our vow. A vow to protect, to serve, and to uphold the values that brought Busy Bee Pest Solutions to life. We carry this legacy forward every day, ensuring that what happened to my father doesn’t happen to another. It’s not just our business; it’s our commitment to you.

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