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Bee Removal

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Bee Removal Throughout The Valley

Imagine this: A tiny scout bee finds the perfect spot in your property – perhaps it’s a hollow in your tree, an unused corner of your attic, or even within your walls. What starts as a humble abode for a few hundred bees can rapidly transform into a fully-fledged hive of 50,000 bees or more, buzzing with activity and rapidly filling with honey.

That’s where Busy Bee Pest Solutions steps in. Specializing in effective BEE REMOVAL , we provide expert services designed to address your BEE-related concerns. Our experienced team handles BEE REMOVAL promptly and safely, minimizing risks and disturbances. We assess your property to identify the bee species, hive locations, and potential risks, then apply proven bee removal strategies. With Busy Bee Pest Solutions, you’re not just getting bee removal—you’re investing in a safer, more peaceful home. Let our bee removal experts restore the comfort and safety of your space.

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Our Bee Removal Process

A home buzzing with bees is far from peaceful. At Busy Bee Pest Solutions, we understand the stress and anxiety a BEE infestation can stir up. It can feel like an alien problem you’re ill-equipped to handle. But that’s where we come in. Our mission is to guide you through this challenging time and restore tranquility to your home.

Let’s walk you through our BEE REMOVAL process. Our first step is a thorough evaluation of your property. No stone goes unturned as we work diligently to unearth the full scope of your BEE issue. It could be a minor annoyance of a small swarm in a garden shrub, or a larger problem with a sizable hive cleverly hidden in your home’s structure. Regardless of the size or location of the problem, we’re equipped to handle it.

Once we have identified the problem’s breadth, our seasoned team steps up for action. Armed with Thermal Imaging and Inspection Scope cameras as well as BEE  machines, our licensed technicians brace themselves against the 115-degree heat. Whether it’s scaling ladders to reach roof spaces, navigating the dusty corners of your attic, or shimmying up trees, our crew does what it takes to get to the heart of the hive and REMOVE THE BEES.

Here’s where our work gets intricate. We take apart the hive piece by piece, ensuring not even the smallest trace of honey remains. We emphasize this meticulous clean-up because we understand that any leftover honey can act like a bright “Vacancy” sign for new BEES or even other unwelcome critters.

Our services don’t stop at physical BEE REMOVAL . We go a step further by spraying or dusting a potent, long lasting eco-friendly insecticide treatment to the area. This powerful deterrent discourages any future BEE interlopers, acting as an invisible “Bees Keep Out” sign protecting your home.

At Busy Bee Pest Solutions, our commitment to your peace of mind goes beyond just expertise. We combine our technical know-how of BEE REMOVAL with an unwavering dedication to ensure your home transitions from a buzzing BEE hub to a safe BEE FREE home.

Take a deep breath, let go of your worries, and give us a call today. By choosing Busy Bee Pest Solutions, you’re choosing a BEE-FREE home. Let’s join forces to banish those BEE  concerns for good!


Busy Bee's Repair Hive With 3 Year Warranty


Bee removal is only half the battle. The aftermath can leave your home needing a little TLC, and that’s where our Busy Bee Repair Hive swoops in to save the day.

Unlike our competitors who might leave you to deal with outsourced repairs, we proudly offer in-house repair services. We’re equipped to mend anything from flat roofs, tile roofs, foam roofs, to drywall, stucco, and even block walls. Whether we’ve had to drill, cut, or demo to eliminate the bees and their honeycomb, our expert team can seamlessly repair the impacted area using the same materials.

Choosing Busy Bee doesn’t just mean choosing top-notch BEE REMOVAL in the Valley. It’s choosing a comprehensive, hassle-free service. Plus, our confidence in our work is reflected in our unbeatable 3-year warranty on all repair jobs. With us, you’re not just reclaiming a BEE-FREE home, but restoring it to its former glory, too!

Repair services are performed under the Arizona Registrar of Contractor Handyman exemption; we are not a licensed contractor.

Swarm Removal in Arizona: Understanding and Addressing the Bee Blitz

When a thriving beehive in Arizona becomes overcrowded, nature’s solution is a swarm. The reigning QUEEN BEE  sets out, taking about 8,000 to 12,000 loyal subjects with her to seek new accommodations. This buzzing crowd of BEES  is on a mission to create a fresh hive, making it an awe-inspiring yet potentially precarious phenomenon.

It’s important to understand that these bees, while looking for a new home, can become extremely defensive if provoked. Disturbing a bee swarm isn’t just risky, it’s downright dangerous. The last thing you want to do is try and disperse the swarm on your own.

While a swarm might decide to land in a tree or an open area on your property, there’s usually no cause for immediate panic. Often, they’ll move along within 24 to 48 hours to find their perfect new hive spot. However, it’s the ‘where’ that’s tricky – only the BEES know their next destination.

To prevent the possibility of this buzzing battalion deciding to set up shop in your structure and causing a steep hike in BEE  REMOVAL costs, it’s crucial to involve professionals. At Busy Bee Pest Solutions, we specialize in swift and safe BEE SWARM REMOVAL across the Valley. Our team ensures that these BEES are carefully removed in a timely manner, protecting your property from becoming an unwelcome hive hotspot.


The Smallest Things Make the Biggest Difference: Elevating Customer Service in Pest Control


Choosing Busy Bee Pest Solutions means choosing an unparalleled customer experience in pest control. We’re not just about eliminating your BEE issue, we’re also about crafting a service journey that’s as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Our commitment to you doesn’t clock out. We offer round-the-clock, live customer service to tackle emergencies, address your queries, or simply put your concerns at ease. Got a late-night bee situation or just need some bee-related advice? We’re here, ready to help, anytime you need us.

We respect your time, and we aim to keep you informed. So, expect a courtesy ‘on our way’ text or call from our customer service team or our technicians. We’ll let you know 15 to 30 minutes before we’re due to arrive. This way, you can plan your day knowing exactly when we’ll be there.

For added peace of mind, we share the name and photo of the technician who’ll be attending your property. It’s a small gesture to ensure you feel safe and comfortable knowing exactly who will be knocking at your door.

Furthermore, we believe in rewarding our customers for their support. If you feel our service has hit the five-star mark and leave us a Google review, we’ll show our appreciation with a $10 Starbucks gift card. Also, if you trust us enough to refer us to your friends and family, we express our gratitude with a $50 referral fee, paid once their job is completed.

At Busy Bee Pest Solutions, we understand that it’s the small things that make a big difference. And it’s this philosophy that sets us apart from our competitors, making us the ideal choice for BEE REMOVAL in the Valley. We’re not just committed to eliminating your bee problem, we’re committed to delivering a seamless, rewarding customer experience. Choose us, and feel the difference.


Questions? Talk to a Busy Bee Pest Solutions Expert now

a beekeeper in a protective suit gently transfers a swarm of bees into a portable hive in a lush garden.

Can't We All "Bee" Friends?

Bees and wasps play a vital role in our planet’s ecosystem, but sometimes they choose to be a little too close for comfort. Never attempt to handle any bee or wasp situation on your own, considering the dangers of being repeatedly stung. If you live in the Maricopa County  and you need pest consultation, contact Busy Bee Pest Solutions today for professional bee removal and/or extermination.

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